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What did God really intend the church to be? 

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 Page 1 - The Beginning

The story is told of an elderly couple, out for a leisurely Sunday afternoon drive in the country.  As they drove in their 20 year old sedan, a young couple came from the other direction, snuggling together in the front of their pickup as they drove by the elderly couple.

The grandmother looked across the seat to her husband of many years, saying "Look at them!" "We used to drive like that!  Do you remember?"

"Yes, proclaimed the husband, I remember."

I wonder why we don't snuggle like that any more when we drive?  asked the wife.

The husband looked across at his wife, then turned his attention back to the wheel.  Thoughtfully he responded, " well, I didn't move!"

Is this typical of your relationship with God?  It started out with passion, and ended up dull.

Could it be due to the fact that God didn't move, but you did?



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